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How AI is Transforming Contact Centers

Automation is a resource that many businesses have turned to in recent years, from data entry automation to automated pizza delivery. The customer service industry has seen just as much benefit from this new technology, helping them improve their interactions with customers to a point where many experts believe most customer interactions will be handled by automated and AI (artificial intelligence) services by the end of this decade. AI is opening new possibilities for businesses of all sizes, and in all industries. If you are not yet convinced that AI could offer advanced customer service to your consumers, we’re here to help set the record straight.

How does AI improve the contact center customer experience?

  • Responsiveness: Automation delivers extreme responsiveness, primarily due to its ability to deliver preemptive customer service. AI can predict the needs of customers based on their online and in-app activity, identifying their issues and responding through a FAQ page or virtual service agent before the customer gets frustrated enough to call the customer service line. With time, these predictions may become even more powerful, improving customer satisfaction and reducing customer abandon rates significantly.
  • Training: While human customer service agents require expensive hiring, training and retraining costs, AIs are comparatively cheap. An AI only needs to be trained once and then it can serve your entire customer base immediately. For contact centers, this means lower training and hiring costs and more consistent service. As time goes on, AI may take over an even greater percentage of customer calls, requiring even fewer customer service agents on staff.
  • 24/7 Availability: Automated customer service is always available, no matter the time zone or current holiday. This means customers get 24-hour service to resolve their issues at any time of day, improving customer satisfaction, trust and retention.
  • Consistency: While human performance can be affected by their health and their mood, AIs are always at peak performance and never have emotions get in the way of excellent customer service. With such consistently good service, businesses can experience a higher rate of repeat business. And as AI gets more intelligent, these interactions are bound to get even better.
  • Speed: AI is capable of delivering quicker resolutions to customers and identifying customer issues and opportunities more quickly than a human customer service agent ever could. With quicker resolutions, customer satisfaction levels increase, improving repeat business and trust in an organization.
  • Personalization: AI can deliver a highly personalized customer experience based on the customer’s data. From product recommendations based on their previous purchases to website layout, AI can help tailor the customer experience for maximum satisfaction. With time, this personalization will likely become even more advanced, improving customer satisfaction even further and driving repeat purchases.
  • Scalability: Unlike human contact center employees, who are only capable of handling so many customer service issues at a time, AI is completely scalable and capable of handling huge amounts of customer data in multiple languages at any given time. This makes AI highly scalable for businesses, allowing them to expand more rapidly into new markets without needing to train or hire new staff.

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