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How Can AI Improve Your Contact Center?

In the past few years, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a topic of intense discussion. It’s already transforming contact centers, and more than 80 percent of enterprises view AI as a competitive advantage, which is one reason small to mid-sized businesses are incorporating the technology into their contact centers. AI in your contact center can improve your organization too, as well as offer benefits to not only your operation but also your staff.

How Does AI Improve Contact Centers

The combination of artificial intelligence and contact centers enhances your customer service in several ways. AI can improve contact centers by:

  • Matches consumer preferences: The convenience and availability of mobile messaging services, like Facebook Messenger and WeChat, has led to a shift in customer preferences for contacting a company. Now, mobile messaging is one of the top three contact choices for consumers under the age of 55 — those under the age of 35 also choose social media, web chat and mobile applications over calling a company. As a result, AI accommodates this preference without taxing or expanding your support team.
  • Streamlining staff assistance: The use of mobile messaging applications reverses the customer assistance process. Instead of a structured procedure that directs a customer to support staff via menu-based interactive voice response (IVR) systems, the customer dictates the information provided, which can lead to bottlenecks in contact centers. AI in your contact center deduces client statements via several features — including Natural Language Processing (NLP) — to respond and provide the eventual agent with all the necessary information to assist.
  • Reduces wait times: For many consumers, immediate service is a plus. In fact, 75 percent note that a positive customer service experience builds their brand loyalty, leading them to spend more time with a company. Due to the influx of messages your company may receive in a given timeframe — especially during the holiday season — combining artificial intelligence with your contact center can help you decrease your wait times. When a customer sends a message, the AI responds without delay and proceeds with gathering the necessary information by asking follow-up questions.

Another feature that shows how AI benefits contact centers is compatibility and integration, which the Application Programming Interface (API) supports.

Avaya AVA AI: Contact Center AI Solution

An example of an artificial intelligence solution for contact centers is the Avaya AVA™ AI, which operates as a cloud service that engages consumers through social media as well as other chat and messaging channels, like LINE. It’s also a solution with an international reach, as it’s capable of reading and responding in 34 languages. Plus, it features an open API approach, which allows integration with any third-party AI solutions from the company’s Avaya AI Connect program.

The Avaya AVA™ AI operates on several technologies and tools, including:

  • Machine learning
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Contextual analysis
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Chatbot

Bringing this AI into your contact center also leads to an omnichannel experience for your support team, which streamlines their assistance.

Upgrade your Contact Center with Avaya Ava from CTI

As consumers continue to shift away from traditional methods of contact, such as telephone or email, it’s becoming a necessity for companies to adapt their customer service processes. The introduction of AI into contact centers is one example of how businesses of all sizes, from small to large, are evolving to not only meet consumer preferences but also bring new efficiencies into their operations.

At Consolidated Technologies, Inc., we provide small to mid-sized companies throughout the New York Metropolitan area, as well as the tri-state region, with innovative and advanced solutions, from managed services to unified communications and Avaya products. Discover how AI, like Avaya AVA™ AI, can benefit your contact center by getting in touch with our team today.