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5 Tips to Help Your Remote Contact Center Specialists Work From Anywhere

Businesses are increasingly hiring remote employees and contact center specialists who can work from anywhere. Not only are employees demanding more mobility and flexibility, but employers are also reaping the benefits — including lower overhead costs and higher levels of employee productivity and retention — of employing remote call center agents.

Implementing remote call centers can give businesses a competitive advantage. We have composed this list of five tips to help your remote contact center specialists successfully work from home while keeping your company’s sensitive data secure.

1. Have Daily Check-Ins and Keep an Open Channel of Communication

Having employees work remotely can naturally lead to some challenges. One such challenge is the lack of in-person supervision. While some employees thrive with little to no face-to-face oversight, others struggle to stay focused and productive without this level of guidance.

While a supervisor or business owner may worry that employers won’t be as productive when working from home, the opposite is true for many jobs. Some remote employees also feel that their supervisors can’t meet their needs and do not provide the support they need to perform their jobs well.

One way to combat this challenge is by implementing daily check-ins with remote workers and keeping open communication channels between employees and managers. Establishing daily check-ins with employees in WFH contact centers can help workers be more successful in their positions. This daily check-in can take the form of a one-on-one phone call or a team call, depending on whether employees tend to work more independently or collaboratively.

It’s essential that these calls are predictable and regular, and that employees can use them as an opportunity to consult with you, ask questions, and express concerns.

2. Provide Strict Protocols and Resources to Ensure Workplace Security

Prioritizing contact center cybersecurity is essential if you want to ensure your remote contact center specialists can work successfully and keep your company’s sensitive data secure. Agents working from home must still comply with your organization’s security policies. To ensure your remote staff members succeed, provide the necessary guidance and materials.

It’s crucial to train remote employees before they proceed with work. Remote contact center specialists should have a space free of disturbances and distractions so they can work efficiently and comfortably. You may need to implement protocols and provide resources for support and training that can help keep workers focused and data secure. While onboarding new agents, ensure you provide them with a safe space to provide feedback.

3. Provide Hardware and Remove Any Bottlenecks

You may also want to provide the necessary hardware and equipment support personnel need to be successful in their work in remote contact centers. Every agent should have a PC or laptop, a high-speed internet connection, a headset and a power backup. All equipment should meet your company’s system requirements. We highly recommend providing laptops for agents and monitoring internet speeds regularly.

If internet speed isn’t adequate, calls can be choppy and unreliable. If internet service is not reliable or sufficient, agents should have access to separate phone lines they can use to make calls. Verify that the software deployed to agents supports their connections to remote telephone lines.

You may also want to deploy software that monitors and scores agent interactions to assist you with quality management. Real-time monitoring and records of performance scores can enhance contact center agents’ performance, just as you’d do in a physical office environment.

4. Give Options for Social Interaction With Co-Workers

Another challenge remote employees can experience is social isolation. Some remote employees cite loneliness as a complaint of working from home, as they may miss the informal social interaction they got in an office setting.

In the short term, extroverts tend to feel this sense of isolation more, especially if they don’t have opportunities to connect with co-workers while working remotely. In the long term, however, any employee can feel a lost sense of belonging to the organization and may even feel a desire to leave the company.

To combat this, provide options for social interaction for your remote workers. One of the vital steps a supervisor can take is to facilitate ways employees can interact socially while working from home. An easy way to accomplish this is by leaving time at the beginning of every team call to discuss subjects not related to work, such as how employees spent their weekends.

Consider these additional ideas for social interaction.

  • Virtual office parties: Send care packages ahead of time that employees can open and enjoy during the virtual office party.
  • Virtual pizza parties: Have pizza delivered to every team member on the video call.

Videoconferences can be more effective than emails or phone calls, as remote employees will be able to see one another and interact with multiple people at once. These events often help decrease feelings of isolation and allow workers to feel a sense of belonging.

5. Invest in a Robust IT Support Team

Investing in a robust IT support team is essential to ensuring your remote contact center specialists can successfully work from anywhere. Because employees work in various locations, having an effective IT support team is even more crucial than in an office environment. At Consolidated Technologies, Inc., our cost-effective IT management includes 24/7 back-office services and remote monitoring tools.

We use active, unobtrusive software to analyze and track your server activity at all times. For example, if a function or system isn’t working correctly, it will alert our team to immediately investigate the problem.

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