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5 Common Misconceptions of Outsourced IT Services

You might find yourself wondering if outsourced IT is a good option for your business. While it’s not the right option for every single company, the advantages of choosing outsourced services are winning many companies over. It’s becoming more and more common for small and medium businesses to adopt outsourced IT management services.

However, several misconceptions still keep many business owners from making the smart decision to outsource:

  1. There is no need to outsource if you already have an IT department: You might be wondering if you should do outsourced IT if you already have an IT department. The truth is, you don’t have to get rid of your in-house IT. Outsourced IT can work with your established team to take over menial day-to-day tasks that bog the team down. This gives them the capability to apply their skillset and understanding of your company’s industry while focusing on strategic planning and company growth.
  2. Outsourced IT isn’t for small and medium businesses: You may be wondering if IT is only for big corporations and enterprises. The answer: businesses of all sizes are finding out they can outsource IT to gain an edge against competitors and operate more safely and efficiently. You shouldn’t try to manage your IT alone no matter how small your business is — doing so can leave you open to network threats. Instead, focus your resources and time on core business development and leave IT to the professionals.
  3. It’s too expensive: Quality managed service providers will work with your specialized budgetary needs to provide services that are right for your company without exceeding your spending goals. Expensive doesn’t always mean better, and outsourced IT professionals will be able to learn about your industry to decide which products are necessary based on your operations. They usually bundle products and services to add value to your purchase. You should be able to discuss a payment plan that works for your finances.
  4. Keeping everything within the company means better security: Having all operations under one company roof means more control, but it doesn’t always mean more security. Outsourced IT offers increased security through 24/7 monitoring, immediate threat response, correct program implementation, strategic consulting, timely software and hardware updates, data backup and more. Managed IT providers offer high availability to prevent missed details that can happen when your IT team gets overwhelmed.
  5. Every IT provider is created equal: This is not the time to throw caution to the wind. You want to make sure your IT professionals are affiliated with a reputable company you can trust with your sensitive records, financial documents, customer data and other confidential information. Make sure the company you hire has a positive track record with clients in the past. Before finalizing your decision, look into online reviews, check out the provider’s website and ask in-depth questions.

Now that you know some of the biggest outsourced IT misconceptions, you can avoid them while making the right decision for your business. For a managed IT provider you can trust, check out who made CRN’s Top 150 List of Managed Service Providers.

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