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5 Challenges an IT Help Desk Can Help Solve

Information Technology (IT) plays a crucial role in any company. Even if your small business operates on a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy, technology issues can get in the way, and may even get more complicated.

Whatever software, cloud services, communication tools, and devices your company uses, you need somewhere to turn when something goes wrong. That’s where an IT help desk comes in.

What Are IT Help Desks?

An IT help desk is a tool that allows an IT team to efficiently respond to customers — or fellow employees — who need technical assistance. It organizes customer communication and lets IT quickly track the issue and gain insights into prevalent problems. A support desk gathers the right information from employees while also analyzing internal performance.

One of the most significant benefits a help desk tool offers for an IT department is streamlined communication. If your internal IT support team is larger than one individual, you need a way to know who is speaking to which users. When tech support happens in disjointed email threads, communication can become confusing.

Using a help desk brings context and clarity to the process. Whenever another IT person comes into the fold, the new technician can quickly understand the problem. They can also see previous solutions attempted by reviewing the communications. The software categorizes tickets to forward them to the right IT experts and automates the ticketing process, so IT can help users quickly.

It also unifies phone, chat, video call, and email communications with users so they can contact IT from any channel and get the solutions they need. The technology will automatically assign new help desk tickets to available technicians.

If your business wants to implement an IT help desk, you have two options: You can manage the software yourself, or you can hire help desk services. In the first option, the service desk software itself helps your existing IT department. In the second, you contract helpful, expert-level third-party IT support powered by help desk technology. You access a simple, organized way for your team to get in touch and can rest assured knowing issues will be handled promptly 24/7. In either case, the role of software in problem-solving is to enable better and faster solutions to your technology issues.

Common IT Issues and Solutions Offered by Help Desks

What are the IT issues running rampant in your organization? Are your employees fending off phishing scams invading your email network? Maybe you have a problematic printer or a software application that keeps crashing when you need it most. Your employees might not have anywhere to turn for tech support. Instead, they end up spending hours searching online for common IT problems and solutions that a professional could fix in minutes.

Whether you have an in-house IT team that could use a boost in collaboration or need a virtual IT team you can access at any time, a help desk could be your answer. Here’s how IT service desks are solving business problems with technology:

1. Help Diagnose and Fix the Root Causes of IT Problems

Without an IT help desk, your team may be stuck answering the same questions over and over, perhaps without realizing it. When several IT support agents are responding to the same types of issues, they might not spot recurring problems.

By tracking and categorizing issues, an IT help desk can analyze trends and create alerts. By identifying the most common symptoms, your team can begin uncovering and addressing the root cause. As your IT team begins solving the problem, they can email those affected with status updates. They can also provide temporary workarounds to avoid getting swamped with users who all need the same thing.

2. Streamline IT Solutions and Free up Bottlenecks for Frustrated Employees

When your employees experience an issue, they need solutions fast. Sometimes, a technical difficulty prevents work from getting done. If an employee’s computer is frozen or won’t turn on, that employee can’t do much except wait for help to arrive. Other times, a glitch in software or a phone system prevents a critical, time-sensitive operation or communication. Any delays for essential functions can have far-reaching consequences. The sooner those issues can be resolved, the sooner business can get back on track.

Through 24/7 support, an efficient ticketing system, and a vast, ever-expanding knowledge-base on your IT infrastructure, your help desk can swoop in and solve issues quickly. For recurring problems affecting many users, fast solutions can clean up those bottlenecks.

3. Help With Confusion and Management of Cloud Services

Most modern companies’ IT infrastructure exists in the cloud. Everything from your phone system, business software, and document management, to your network monitoring and data backup services, are online. Rather than downloading software, employees access it through a remote server. Even your help desk will operate via the cloud, especially if you use a third-party service.

All your cloud-based services have their own languages, which users have to learn. Your IT service desk team acts as the liaison between all your online software services and your users. They will be experts in all the software’s nuances to help users do what they need and be the point of contact when speaking to vendors for support. Depending on your internal processes, you can also configure your help desk to send users directly to each vendor for help.

Your help desk can even manage and host a private cloud, allowing you to eliminate all the cloud confusion. Your IT service desk can help you keep everything you need in one accessible place.

4. Help Resolve IT Problems With Team Collaboration and Remote Workers

When IT issues affect an entire team at once, everyone’s productivity gets limited. For example, if a comment won’t upload or a software app doesn’t ping someone when it’s supposed to, a whole team can suffer from a lack of communication. Therefore, any issues with collaboration tools like project management software, phone systems, email, or other internal communication platforms need to be addressed quickly.

Another big issue is with conferencing tools for discussions involving remote workers. If technology fails here, a half-hour meeting can turn into an hour, and everyone’s productivity decreases. By being on call for times when communication tools fail, your IT help desk can get everyone back on track quickly. Your IT team can also handle periodic improvements, like updating collaboration software to resolve bugs. They can offer tips to prevent technology errors that cause communication disruptions.

Because help desk software can be accessed online, your remote workers can get assistance from anywhere. Instead of lugging a laptop to an onsite IT desk, they can solve their issues right from their home office.

5. Provide Quick Response and Prevention for Network Security Issues

If you think your business is immune to cybersecurity breaches, think again. Small businesses like yours are frequent targets for cyberattacks because they’re often left unsecured, making them easy targets. Given this reality, it’s not surprising that 58 percent of cyberattack victims are small businesses.

An IT help desk can help respond to and prevent network security issues in several key ways. Many recurring symptoms a workplace experiences can be caused by malware. Even a problem like a printer not working could be because of malware embedded into the technology.

By tracking and analyzing problems, your IT department or provider can quickly identify when malware is at fault and jump into action to resolve it. Your support desk team can recognize potential cyberattacks and provide training for employees to prevent themselves from becoming victims. You’ll also receive network monitoring through your help desk, which can help prevent and respond to threats even more comprehensively.

IT Support Help Desk Services from Consolidated Technologies, Inc

Consolidated Technologies, Inc. offers a comprehensive, flexible help desk solution for your IT problems. If your IT department wants to improve its services through help desk software, we can help you find the right system for your business. We also offer a fully staffed IT service desk to give your company knowledgeable IT technicians on-demand with 90-second response times. 

Whatever you need to keep your business running and free from technology issues, Consolidated Technologies, Inc. can help. Learn more about our IT service desk solutions or contact us to receive more information.