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What Is a Cybersecurity Solution?

Did you know that more than 850 businesses have experienced data breaches in the past year, with over 30 million records exposed? Or that 60 percent of all small businesses fail within six months after a…

What Is Patch Management?

More than 60 percent of small businesses get hacked every year, and hackers are finding new ways to break into computer systems every day. As cyber threats become an increasingly pressing issue, proper network security…

Workforce Management in Contact Centers

Like many industries today, technology has innovated the way contact centers are run. Both small and large businesses have the option to manage their contact centers in-house or remotely anywhere around the world….

Choosing a Cloud UC Provider

Unified communications technology lets businesses of all sizes increase their productivity and profitability. Consolidated Technologies, Inc. offers three cloud unified communications providers that deliver different advantages for your business. We understand that every business…