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We’re sure you’ve heard the term ‘SD-WAN,’ but do you really know what it can do for your business? Gartner says: SD-WAN solutions employ centrally managed WAN edge devices placed into remote offices to establish logical connections with other branch edge devices across the physical WAN. These connections create secure paths across multiple WAN connections and carriers.

That’s great, but we’d like to explain it in simpler terms. SD-WAN is like the Waze (driving directions) app. Like SD-WAN, Waze finds the optimal route to your destination based on factors that affect your commute (traffic, construction, etc.). SD-WAN is no different; it finds the optimal link for your packets to traverse (based on factors like latency, jitter, etc.) to ensure packet delivery and routing for application at hand.

SD-WAN will significantly improve your connection speed and quality for voice, video, and text-based applications. And now that you’re an expert on what SD-WAN is, it’s time to learn the key benefits of an SD-WAN solution.

Learn the Key Benefits of SD-WAN