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Avaya Oceana Contact Center Solution

The Avaya Oceana® Solution is the first delivery of Avaya’s next generation omnichannel contact center that helps organizations deliver a seamless customer experience across any channel of the customer’s choosing. With Oceana, organizations can seamlessly handle customer interactions across all devices and channels – mobile, web, chat, SMS, social media, voice, email and video – supported by strategic business rules and criteria, modern omnichannel agent desktop workspaces (Avaya Oceana® Workspaces), and, with Avaya Oceanalytics™, cradle to grave reporting of the end to end customer journey across all omnichannel touch points. Avaya Oceana® Solution is built on Avaya Breeze®, making it easier for companies to extend and manage unified support of customer centric business and customer journeys across all relevant stakeholders across the enterprise.

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Deliver the experience your customers expect.

Cultivate the ultimate customer journey. The Avaya Oceana™ Solution lets you personalize every step and possibility of customer interactions with your company. This purpose-built single omnichannel solution gives you complete integration and management of your traditional phone and digital channels.

Take a 360° look at your customer contact world. Address channels, customer routing, resource matching, data captures—every detail. Get real-time, fully meshed insights into what’s going on with your customers: Manage engagement across any device or channel. Gain omnichannel awareness and collect context from each customer interaction.

Capture and capitalize on big data across your entire enterprise. Avaya Oceanalytics™ Insights breaks down the silos around traditional analytics tools. You’ll have rich visualization of data to fuel real-time, smarter decision making, which can help drive customer satisfaction and improve customer loyalty.

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Avaya Oceana Workspaces for Agents and Supervisors

Avaya Oceana® Workspaces are HTML5 based omnichannel user interfaces for Oceana agents and supervisors. The agent workspace is designed for agents to handle multiple interactions across all channels simultaneously. All the information the agent needs including visualization of the complete customer journey, screen pops from back office systems, frequently used phrases and URL’s are displayed to the agent in an easy to use user experience that increases agent productivity and effectiveness.

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