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Avaya Oceana Solution: Redefine Your Customer and Employee Experiences

See how Avaya envisions engagement with prospective customers. This video takes you through the customer journey using the Avaya Oceana Solution from three perspectives; Customer, Business Development Consultant, and Management.

Deliver the experience your customers expect.

Cultivate the ultimate customer journey. The Avaya Oceana™ Solution lets you personalize every step and possibility of customer interactions with your company. This purpose-built single omnichannel solution gives you complete integration and management of your traditional phone and digital channels.

Take a 360° look at your customer contact world. Address channels, customer routing, resource matching, data captures—every detail. Get real-time, fully meshed insights into what’s going on with your customers: Manage engagement across any device or channel. Gain omnichannel awareness and collect context from each customer interaction.

Capture and capitalize on big data across your entire enterprise. Avaya Oceanalytics™ Insights breaks down the silos around traditional analytics tools. You’ll have rich visualization of data to fuel real-time, smarter decision making, which can help drive customer satisfaction and improve customer loyalty.

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