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Are You Getting Everything You Should
from Avaya Maintenance?


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We know Avaya Maintenance is complex. That’s why our Avaya Support Team is here to help you lower your costs while still working directly with the manufacturer.

CTI has been razor-focused on Avaya’s evolving line of products and solutions for nearly two decades. During that time, our team members have served on Avaya committees, supported high-profile Avaya customers and been instrumental in the testing and development of various Avaya products. We are the team you need on your side to get the most out of your Avaya Maintenance service agreement.

Here’s what CTI can do for you:

Multi-ethnic businesswomen in meetingReview and evaluate your Avaya Maintenance invoices to ensure you are not paying for support on hardware and software you don’t have or don’t use.

Work with Avaya on invoicing issues.

Review and correct Avaya records to ensure proper coverage.

Help you with ongoing support tailored to your needs and your budget.

Make sure you’re on the right program with the right support.

Discover the CTI Advantage

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The more dependent business is on technology, the more important it is for you to find a trustworthy technology solution partner. CTI has the experience in innovation that you can rely on to deliver expertise, high-quality technology and precise design and implementation that results in powerful communication solutions. We keep ahead of technology trends and narrow the gap between what you have today and what you expect technology to do for the future of your business.

Learn the Five Things You Should Expect from Your Avaya Business Partner 

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