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Five Key Differences Between
Managed IT and Break/Fix Services

Based on our popular blog post “The Difference Between Managed IT Services and Break/Fix Services,” this two-minute video highlights some of the major differences between the two forms of IT support.

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Ultimately, each business must determine for itself which is right for its operations and its staff. There is no “one-size-fits-all” IT management solution — only organization-specific improvements.

Below is a list of resources designed to educate you on the various types of Managed IT Services available to your business. Or, if you have specific questions, please feel to reach out to us at 888-477-4284 or through our Contact Us form.

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Transcript of the video:

Managed IT and break/fix services play vital roles in the world of IT business support. Both share the goal of addressing key IT concerns, yet there are fundamental differences between how each service perform these functions.

Some of the major differences include:

Cost: Managed services have stable subscriptions and fees, whereas break/fix services are variable. While the frequency of break/fix billings should be less, their overall totals tend to far exceed the monthly servicing fees of an MSP.

Payment structure: Break/fix technicians charge by the hour in fee-for-service transactions. So organizations don’t know the exact total until the technician completes the job and sends an invoice. In contrast, managed IT services charge flat monthly rates, giving businesses predictive billings.

Stability: Managed IT services are built to provide more overall system visibility and stability. Break/fix models only provide reactive patching or product-specific services.

Risk: Organizations that opt for break/fix models trade long-term security and stability for short-term monetary savings. Managed IT contracts don’t take that gamble, preferring a risk-mitigation strategy before any problems strike.

Helpdesk functions: Managed IT service providers will have 24/7 monitorization and communications portals for clients to interface with. Break/fix services have no such helpdesk.

Ultimately, each business must determine for itself which solution is right for its operations and its staff. To learn more about the differences between Managed IT Services and Break/Fix Services, please visit the CTI blog at Or give us a call at 888-477-4284.