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Enterprise Networking

Your network and the apps it supports form the backbone of your operations. Without a soundly-designed, expertly installed and constantly monitored network, anything you build on top of it, including your data center and wireless network is destined to crumble, taking your productivity and even business reputation with it.

From the access layer to the edge and back to the core, CTI understands how to design, install and manage enterprise networking solutions that support IP telephony, BYOD, capacity for multiple concurrent WAPs and everything else you need in today’s mobile, interconnected and rapidly changing business environment. From the cabling to the switches to unified communications software to physical phones, the components we carefully select work together seamlessly to provide a reliable, enjoyable, rewarding enterprise networking solution.

Smart Data Center, Wireless and Enterprise Networking Solutions for Every Industry

Enterprise Networking

“We take pride in finding innovative ways to solve problems. Think of it as applied physics for telecommunications technology. We view each client challenge as a puzzle; when complete, we’ve put a supportive technology solution in place that delights the customer. For one of our education clients, that was a paging solution that ran over IP and then converted into an ATA that could be presented to the amplifier remotely. It was an out of the box solution that we dreamed up to delight our client and it worked.”

Joseph Ben-David, CTI Senior Sales Engineer

Whether you are a small business, a medium-sized company, or a large international corporation, CTI has the right communications solution for you.

Like every business, you’re looking for ways to reduce costs, improve your internal operations, and maximize efficiency. But you also want to retain all your customers, add new ones and continue to grow at a pace that’s right for you.

Whatever your industry, CTI has an innovative solution that will help you outwit, outlast and outperform your competition. Explore our solutions by industry below and discover a technology partner committed to your satisfaction.












Even under shrinking budgets, educators are challenged to increase enrollment, student scores, staff effectiveness, and school safety. Primary and secondary schools are under intense pressure to improve academic performance and graduation rates, which requires district-wide collaboration, flexible and widespread communications, and seamless access to resources. Similarly, institutions of higher education need to attract and retain the best students and faculty. IT is under pressure to meet the expectations of tech-savvy students while facing the daunting task of keeping the entire campus secure.

CTI uses communications technology to transform and improve the education environment. We streamline communications architecture, integrate a myriad of communications devices, and deliver unified communications and specialized applications that provide staff and students with both information and access. CTI helps education institutions solve their business challenges with cost-lowering solutions and services.

To learn more about CTI solutions for Education, please call 888-477-4284 and ask to speak to an Education Account Executive.

Financial Services

Now more than ever, financial services companies are challenged to build customer loyalty while significantly improving the cost effectiveness of operations. Companies need to offer differentiated products and services to manage the customer relationship profitably. Avaya has solutions and services to specifically address these challenges.

Using Avaya cost-effective and reliable communications infrastructure, a regional bank with 950 branches and six call centers saved $28 million over five years. With Avaya communications solutions and services, a U.S. $5 billion Credit Union was able to communicate better with customers, resulting in a $35.5 million reduction of delinquencies in eight months.

Avaya can show you the best practices to acquire, retain, and collect from customers to maximize your investments in servicing. We can show you how to use communications technologies and services to reach your business goals and empower your staff to be more productive—all while saving money.

To learn more about CTI solutions for Financial Service Providers, please call 888-477-4284 and ask to speak to a Financial Services Account Executive.


In healthcare and life sciences today, patient needs for medical services are rising steadily and the industry is facing a shortage of skilled clinicians. Tomorrow, the world’s aging population will drive expenditures to ever-larger proportions of GDP. Significantly more care must be delivered to a much larger population, which will demand higher quality, greater efficiency, and lower costs.

Health insurance payers and providers—both private for-profit companies and publicly funded government entities—are under pressure to control costs, improve medical expense ratios, and slow the growth of insurance premiums so consumers and employers can afford care. To transform how care is delivered, physicians, hospitals, and health systems are increasingly measured and rewarded for quality outcomes. They must have processes and technologies in place to put more attention on patients and be more efficient with resources. Healthcare companies must supply innovative, high-quality medicines, devices, and diagnostic capabilities that improve health at a reasonable cost.

To address these industry challenges, Avaya integrates communications technology into existing clinical systems. In building solutions for healthcare and life sciences, Avaya leverages our complete communications portfolio as well as best-of-breed third party solutions.

To learn more about CTI solutions for Healthcare Providers, please call 888-477-4284 and ask to speak to a Healthcare Account Executive.


For today’s lawyer, the most important step after passing the bar exam may be establishing the right communications. Clients expect high levels of accessibility today—it’s critical to the kind of personal service that wins new business and builds loyalty.

But keeping everyone in touch is just the start of what a communications system can do for today’s law firm. CTI works with law firms around the country to help them take advantage of the Avaya IP Office communications system. Specifically designed for the needs of today’s small and mid-size law firm, Avaya IP Office provides a single, compact solution with a wide range of capabilities that can be customized to the specific needs of your firm.

To learn more about CTI solutions for Legal Services, please call 888-477-4284 and ask to speak to an Legal Account Executive.

State and Local Government

Budgets are down, demand for services is up, there’s constant pressure to reduce operational costs, and improving employee productivity is imperative. In this rocky, challenging environment, governments are looking for transformative and cost-effective solutions that deliver on promise.

An expert in enterprise communications, CTI provides unified communications, contact centers, data networking, and services to businesses and government offices around the country. Our solutions integrate via open industry standards with technologies in multi-vendor environments, so organizations can expand on communications functions and potential starting with their existing networks.

Using Avaya applications, software, and services, CTI helps state and local governments simplify complex communications, improve efficiencies, foster better employee collaboration, and achieve higher levels of citizen satisfaction and public safety. By embedding communications into government operations processes, CTI and Avaya helps improve the way organizations work.

To learn more about CTI solutions for State & Local Government, please call 888-477-4284 and ask to speak to a Government Account Executive.